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Exciting Announcment - Press Release - January 2015

Recently, the owner of the former “Danville Lumber” building approached us. He is interested in selling and we are interested in buying! We have come to an agreement on the price, and if everything goes according to plan, we will take possession of the facility in the middle of May. We wanted to clearly communicate to our financial supporters the reasons and rationale for diverting from our original plan of building a new structure to refurbishing an existing building. 

First and foremost, we as a committee thought it was a great opportunity to enhance Main Street Danville. To take a “landmark” needing a lot of TLC and make it come alive again by repurposing it into a new library and museum made a lot of sense to us. The prospect of seeing this project completed sooner than expected has instantly injected new energy into our group.

Furthermore, we can now utilize the original building lot as a bigger parking space that will relieve the car/bus congestion from the smaller parking area that was originally designed. Another plus is the addition of over 1,000 more square feet of building to work with when designing our new facilities. With this extra room we will not only be able to increase the size of the library/museum, but also the community room that can be rented for meetings and gatherings.

In addition, the owner of the building was in the process of finishing a very nice three-bedroom apartment in the upstairs section. This will be completed and rented for a source of income to pay for utilities and other bills. 

This opportunity also gives us an immediate home for the Danville Library as we start the renovations on the rest of the building. The old library building has been purchased and the new owner will take possession in mid-June according to the agreement.

More Exciting News - May 2015

In May 2015 Danville Station was awarded the vision Iowa CAT Grant enabling the committee to move forward with the remodel of the newly purchased Danville Station building.  Much of the work is being done by in-kind donors and committee members.  Watch the transformation take place over the coming months.

December 2016

The exterior has been beautifully transformed; new windows, siding, roof, and decorative finish on the front side. The upstairs apartment has been remodeled and is rented out as income for Danville Station. Interior renovations are well underway. Watch as a Danville landmark transforms into the fabulous Danville Station.

January 9, 2017

The Library and Museum portion of Danville Station are now open!